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Caliba Group has delivered many other procurement related projects for clients. A selection of these key projects include:

Procurement Transformation

Caliba Group has managed a number of procurement transformation projects, where we have completed the initial functional assessment, then provided the clients with transformation recommendations, and implemented the change to the new procurement structure. The outcome of these transformation projects has streamlined the clients’ procurement team, delivering better procurement results at a lower cost.

Centralisation of Purchasing

Caliba Group managed a purchasing centralisation project for a leading mining company in Australia. This project involved centralising all purchasing from the individual mine sites to a central hub. The outcome of the project was a low cost, efficient purchasing hub to service the client’s mining operations.

Strategic Supplier Strategies

We have reviewed strategic areas of spend for clients in numerous sectors, and worked with client cross-functional teams to develop strategies to engage with their strategic suppliers, including negotiations, contracting and on-going relationship management. Outcomes have resulted in improved commercial arrangements, better supplier relationships, and a lower cost of doing business for both parties.

Procurement Plan and Team Mentoring

We have prepared annual sourcing plans for many clients, and then mentored their in-house procurement teams in running strategic sourcing projects. Where tenders were too complex for the clients’ teams to manage, Caliba Group led these projects with the clients team members gaining valuable experience by being part of the sourcing team. Some of these projects have involved Caliba Group providing the complete “Caliba” tendering policies and procedures for the client to use.

Contract Suites and Training

Caliba Group has developed a new suite of contracts for a state government and then rolled out the training of the new contracts to all state government Agencies.

Immediate Cost Reductions

In times when companies have to reduce their costs quickly to remain competitive, we have completed projects to identify areas where cost reduction are possible, and then to ‘make it happen’. These projects have been typical of the mining industry with the recent fall in commodity prices. With our experience in this sector, we have been able to reduce costs quickly for clients in a way that is fair and reasonable for suppliers.

Increase Revenue

Caliba Group has assisted clients to increase their revenues by providing procurement related support for product development. This has particularly been the case in the financial services sectors where procurement plays an active role in bringing new products to market.