Contingent Labour

The State Government had many providers of contingent labour across the Agencies providing various labour resources. There was a lack of contracts and panel structures in place, including protocols to manage the panel once established. The central Agency managing the provider contracts did not have the expertise or capacity at the time to review, identify, and implement ‘best practice’ contingent labour arrangements, and panels with preferred providers.


To develop new contingent labour arrangements for the Agencies with preferred providers, which included:

  • Review the whole of government requirement across all Agencies.
  • Held key stakeholder interviews across all Agencies.
  • Meetings held with key providers – incumbents and others.
  • Developed panel protocols and management policies & procedures.
  • Managed the RFP process and selection of panel providers.
  • Managed the governance process for approval of panel protocols and panellists.


Caliba delivered the following outcome for the client:

  • Significantly reduced the number of contingent labour providers (in excess of 80% reduction).
  • Labour rates reduced to market competitive rates.
  • New panel structure in place with approved policy and procedures.
  • Service agreements in place with all approved panellists.