Contract Management Audit

A State Government Agency identified during a risk assessment that is top 20 strategic contracts may have some contract management gaps, therefore exposing the agency to unnecessary risks. The Agency did not have the in-house expertise, processes, or capacity to complete this review.


To complete a ‘Contract Health Check’ (Contract Audit) across the Top 20 strategic contracts, which included:

  • Initial planning of methodology to use, the selection of contracts and stakeholders to interview.
  • Interview all contract managers of the selected contracts, and develop a dashboard for each contract, identifying gaps and risks.
  • Develop the implementation plan to have all contract management gaps and risk reduced to acceptable levels.
  • Validate the findings with the project sponsor and contract managers involved in the project.
  • Presented findings and implementation plan to senior stakeholders within the Agency for approval.


Caliba delivered the following outcome for the client:

  • A dashboard was developed for each strategic contract, with the gaps and risk the Agency faces with the current level of contract management.
  • Recommendations to improve the contract management process to bridge the gap to ‘best practice’.
  • Recommendations to upskill current contract managers, and other resourcing requirements.
  • An implementation plan in place to take the Agency to a level that reduces contract management risk.