Formalisation of Supplier Contracts

A fast-growing, internet-based food delivery company wanted to put some concrete Supplier Agreements in place. With a rapidly growing business, the client needed to progress its supplier engagements beyond the startup phase and associated “handshake” agreements. The client required formal agreements based on sound legal documents and clear expectations. The organization engaged Caliba to help with the formalization of supplier contracts for six strategically identified suppliers.


For six key suppliers selected by the client Caliba have been engaged to:

  • Provide contracting IP and templates for the client to use for each Supplier agreement.
  • Review each Supplier Agreement completed by the client, and provide feedback where required.
  • Finalise draft Supplier Agreement, in agreement with the client.
  • Lead the supplier meetings, assisting the client in positioning and negotiating the Supplier Agreement with each of the suppliers.


  • Robust supplier agreements, helping to manage commercial, legal, and supply risk.
  • Improved supplier relationships, as more formal supplier contracting and Service Level’s put in place. This creating a structured and professional manner in which to engage suppliers on an on-going basis.
  • Increased clarity for both parties on accountability, commercials, and process.
  • Streamlined processes and optimized commercials, as a result of detailed contract discussions.

Caliba Group are procurement specialists, with vast experience in supplier negotiations and contracting (Caliba client base includes multinationals, niche firms, and government agencies). We are therefore well positioned to assist any size company looking to formalize its supplier relations.