Local Business Guide for Government

A State Government identified the need to provide small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) with guidance material to simplify the process on how to do business with Government. This project supported the whole of Government objective to increase goods and services supply from local businesses. The State Government did not have the in-house expertise to develop this guidance material for SME’s.


Caliba was engaged to:

  • Facilitate workshops with internal stakeholders to determine the content of the guidance material
  • Hold interviews throughout the Agencies to validate the content
  • Hold meetings with SME’s to validate the content was getting the message through and easy to understand
  • Facilitate the final sign-off of the material to be ready for the website
  • Work with the video production agency to contribute to the video production


Caliba delivered the following outcome for the client:

  • Guidance material for small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) on how to do business with the State Government.
  • Content and video material currently on the State Government’s website.
  • All material developed to cost and time budget.