Merger and Acquisition Support

A large bank in South Africa was divesting in its African operations to focus on core business growth in developed markets. As a requirement, a plan to achieve stand-alone operating capability was required, covering all aspects of operations, including the procurement functions and contracts with vendors. The bank required support to manage such a complex transition.


Caliba was engaged over a nine month period to manage the project, which included:

  • Completing a deep dive into each information technology service line by vendor to scope the current landscape of contracting reality, considering global contracts, local country contracts
  • Facilitated the development of a transition strategy per technology element by vendor service line
  • Preparation of transition service agreements (TSA) between the parent company and the divested entity, backed by right to use (RTU) agreements with the OEM vendors to enable those transition service agreements
  • Execution of the agreed contracting requirements to achieve each of stage of the short, medium and long term objectives


Caliba delivered the following outcome:

  • A contracting landscape per information technology vendor service line
  • Developed the “to be” service transition strategy per information technology vendor service line
  • Negotiated the short, medium and long term technology vendor contracting strategy per service line
  • Negotiated and developed the Global Framework Agreements and Scope of Work Agreements and Legal Risk Reports to cover the long term technology transition strategy