Supply Chain Distribution Review

A manufacturing company for the mining sector in South Africa required a review of their Supply Chain Distribution network (15+ branches). The company wanted to ensure that current and future supply chain distribution capacity was sufficiently aligned with their projected 5-year sales growth forecasts. The company did not have the in-house capability or capacity to complete the strategic project review.


Caliba was engaged to lead the project, which included:

  • Deep-dive review of the upstream and downstream supply chain.
  • Investigating the role of the Central Distribution Centre within the supply chain.
  • Review of upstream and downstream suppliers and their contractual relationships.
  • Consideration of the viability/need for an alternative distribution model.
  • Creation of a 5-year and beyond Growth Development Plan.


Caliba delivered a revised distribution model and growth plan that enabled:

  • Improvement of overall supply chain efficiencies.
  • Reduction of material handling.
  • Reduction of congestion at CDC.
  • Reduction of inventory holding and Working Capital needs.
  • Reduction of transport costs.
  • Reduction of Time to Market.
  • Reduction of costs by 10-15%.