Travel Management

A large Bank in South Africa had service delivery issues with its current Travel Management Company and Booking Tool Provider. The bank recognised that a full review and development of a strategy to source and manage the travel booking system was required. The bank did not have the expertise to manage the review and had limited understanding of the supply market for these services.


Caliba was engaged to lead the project and develop the sourcing strategy, which included:

  • Develop a spend profile of the category.
  • Lead the creation/development of a Category Plan.
  • Obtain the internal key stakeholder buy-in to the plan.
  • Provide a current supply market analysis on the category.
  • Manage the sourcing process and finalise contracts.


Caliba delivered the following outcome:

  • The development of a detailed 3-year Category Plan to manage the category.
  • A new Travel Management Company and travel online booking tool was selected and successfully implemented.
  • Improved user experience, whilst reducing costs and risk for the company.