Procurement Framework - Government Agency

Ben Smith
Project Manager
Heavy Industry
Strategic Procurement
February 5, 2024

Client Problem

The state government agency had a procurement framework that was too confusing and complicated resulting in procurement activity not following the framework. The Agency had a need to simplify the framework and to train the team in its application but did not have the internal expertise.

Caliba Solution

Caliba was engaged to review the current procurement framework, hold key stakeholder sessions to determine requirements and new ideas, and then develop the new framework for approval. The scope of the framework included the Significant Procurement Plan, all tender documentation, evaluation tool, and all other supporting documentation.

The scope of the project included liaising with the IT team to develop a framework workflow on the client portal to provide all users with a user-friendly guide.

The outcome of the project was a new, streamlined fit-for-purpose procurement framework with an interactive workflow application on the client portal. User acceptance and compliance to the framework was high following the completion of the project.  

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