Reducing Costs Through Better Procurement

We work with our clients to identify savings opportunities and deliver large scale cost reduction projects to improve their bottom line. Our proven methodology allows us to work with our clients to help them better understand where and how they spend their money and where opportunities exist to reduce costs.  

Phase 1:
Opportunity Assessment

Many organisations are unaware of the cost reduction potential that exists within their organisation. Typically, most of the goods & services organisations purchase are either not under contract or competitive sourcing projects have not been completed in a while. We can quickly assess an organisation’s current situation and determine the cost reduction potential. We are constantly negotiating on behalf of our clients and as a result, have a deep understanding of current market pricing and conditions.

Our Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment includes:

  • Spend data cleaning & categorisation
  • Spend data analysis
  • Cost reduction potential estimate
  • Stakeholder input & validation
  • Proposed cost reduction projects
  • Implementation plan
  • Implementation fees
  • Project ROI

Phase 2:

After the cost reduction potential has been identified and projects have been selected, we will work with the organisation's key stakeholders to implement them.

Our experienced teams will manage and lead these projects, working closely with key stakeholders to ensure input and endorsement at each stage of the process, and the executive governance group is put in place to approve all strategic decisions. These projects typically include competitive tenders, supplier negotiations, product swaps, process improvements, increasing working capital, and waste reduction.

We work closely with an organisation's technical, legal teams, and end users to ensure stakeholder buy-in and ownership of the project outcomes. We also up-skill and mentor in-house procurement teams, so when we leave, the procurement teams can effectively manage the new contracts and suppliers and realise the ongoing cost reduction.

Cost Reduction Insights