Strategic Tender - Surgical Services Provider

Carla Mauk
Strategic Procurement
February 5, 2024
negotiated savings
capped increase

Client Problem

The client was a state government hospital and regional health services and required the procurement of providers for Ophthalmology, ENT and Endoscopy surgical services.

Caliba Solution

Caliba were engaged to facilitate the end-to-end procurement for the provision of surgical services providers.

Caliba completed a review of data to discern volumes, trends to hospital sites and current spend. A comprehensive analysis allowed Caliba to generate an attractive Invitation to Offer for suitable Providers. Caliba facilitated the evaluation process and effectively negotiated clinically and financially appropriate solutions in line with government procurement policies.

Best value for money outcomes were negotiated with preferred providers for all three surgical services. From the first offers received, Caliba negotiated circa $1.5 million of savings across the surgery services over the contracted term. Consequently, the client only experienced a 3% increase in spend per annum. Caliba assisted the client to align and mirror the surgical services contracts to improve efficiency, transparency and build a strong working relationship between the preferred providers.

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