Daniel Williams

Partner, Health
Daniel Williams

Daniel is one of our Partners for the services we provide to the Health sector.

Daniel has over 20-years of Global Procurement expertise with experience in leading and managing projects in multiple countries through transforming supply chain and procurement operations. Daniel’s experience spans transformational change underpinned by global and strategic sourcing initiatives, company/industry turnaround projects. Daniel brings real energy and focus to all of the projects and companies he works for, creating a real team spirit. Over 20 years Daniel has spent 9 years as a consultant and 13 years in Industry.

Daniel started his career in procurement in Automotive working for 7 years for Honda in the UK and then moved to engineering procurement for Siemens MRI in Oxford. Daniel then pivoted to Health and moved to working for DHL supporting the UK NHS procurement teams, delivering multiple projects for individual NHS Trusts across the UK. Daniel then moved to procurement consulting in Healthcare.

Daniel has delivered over 40 Hospital procurement projects in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia, and is a global expert in the specialty field of orthopaedics.  Most recently Daniel was an Executive Director with EY as the Head of Healthcare Procurement for the Asia Pacific, delivering both major transformational and cost reduction projects before joining Caliba in 2018.

Daniel has a Bachelor of International Business (Hons), and a Bachelor of Business in Asian / Australasian Economic Relationships. He was part of the team that won a CIPSA Procurement Award in 2017.

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Daniel Williams